CAMA Audience

Speak to community from within community

CAMA presents a unique opportunity to connect with a diverse audience.

CAMA is crucial to you reaching New Zealand/ Aotearoa’s diverse audiences with your messaging

No other media can deliver your messaging in multi-lingual options.
Recent Colmar Brunton research findings confirmed the importance of Community Access Media “is demonstrated through the key audience outcomes of connection, identity, visibility, empowerment, sharing and discovery” 

What if the power of authentic, diverse, in-depth and questioning media coverage relevant to our local communities was available to all of us 24 hours, seven days a week? Well it is. Throughout Aotearoa-New Zealand there exists the Community Access Media Alliance – a network of 12 radio stations producing quality citizen-led content broadcast and podcast 24/7. It is a sector that has existed for well over 30 years. Every region has a station telling the stories of their people, created by their people, for their people and beyond. And that means ALL people, not just those with power, privilege and of the dominant cultures or classes.

If you tune in to an access station you will discover they prioritise the voices and interests of those not usually seen and heard in mainstream media: children, young people, women, people with disabilities, Māori, Pacific peoples, ethnic minorities (including refugee and migrant communities) and other minority communities such as rainbow communities and those with diverse religious and ethical beliefs. You will discover the rich tapestry of Aotearoa society and the voices that make us the fifth most ethnically diverse country in the OECD. And you will hear these voices with a raw authenticity for access stations provide a platform and scaffolding support only, allowing the community to have editorial control.

Being citizen-led doesn’t mean soft and fluffy. These stations tackle the tough stuff – human rights, environmental issues, mental health, drug and alcohol addiction and more – from the people on the ground, at the coal face. Local communities tell the stories and cover topics and issues of interest and importance to them. They also provide great entertainment! You’ll realise just how talented your locals are when you tune in. Everyone can have their say and have a go: individuals, groups, organisations and agencies make programmes. But access radio stations aren’t just broadcasters, they partner with other organisations and groups to amplify community development outcomes. And if you’re into evidence, then there’s a raft of international literature supporting the effectiveness of community radio in addressing community issues when content is led and delivered by the target audience.