Community Access Media Alliance (CAMA)
is the national representative body for the 12 community access radio stations in Aotearoa

CAMA represents, promotes, and advocates for access media in Aotearoa

That everyone in Aotearoa have a space in the media


CAMA Hui Outline of CAMAHui 2019 Registrations open July 19 2019 This is pre-registration information only and is subject to change and…

“Community Access Radio has a strong and credible community brand”

Recent Colmar Brunton research findings confirmed the importance of Community Access Media “is demonstrated through the key audience outcomes of connection, identity, visibility, empowerment, sharing and discovery” and “Community Access Radio has a strong and credible community brand” 

Connect with your community

CAMA is crucial to you reaching New Zealand/ Aotearoa’s diverse audiences with your messaging.

Diverse Media Voices at your fingertips

Tailor your message to speak directly to your target audience – in their language.



NZ’s best Community Access Media celebrating 1.8 million podcast hits in 2018/19 through Access Internet Radio.